Bathroom Ideas

Looking for Bathroom Remodel Ideas?

Looking for bathroom remodel ideas? You have come to the right place.

Did you know that the investment return on an average bathroom remodel is 80 to 90%? That coupled with contractors willing to wheel and deal because of the economy create a great opportunity for bathroom remodel hopefuls like yourself.

So, you have decided to bite the bullet and remodel your bathroom. Now, you are looking for bathroom remodeling ideas. Let’s see what we can do about that…


My favorite place to get ideas for remodeling small bathrooms is from magazines, because I can take the bathroom remodel photos and cut them out, cut them up, paste them on the refrigerator, put them in my bathroom remodel notebook…you get the picture.

The best places to get magazines with bathroom remodel ideas is at a home improvement center, like Lowe’s or Home Depot. They have whole racks of them. Using examples of what others have done, it is nice to dream, imagining what you can do for your own small bathroom remodeling job.

Another of my favorite places to get ideas is in model homes. Take a weekend afternoon and cruise through some nice model homes to see what they are doing with their bathrooms. You can get ideas about fixtures, use of space, colors and materials.

Construction companies pull out all the stops when they design and decorate bathrooms. They want to show off what they can do. The builder hopes the buyer falls in love with the bathroom as it is, so that new Mr. and Mrs. homeowner will pay for all the upgrades!

If you have an unlimited budget and space on your own bathroom remodel, good for you. Go nuts. But if you are limited either by budget or funds or both (which is most often the case), it is a good idea to sit down with a home remodeling specialist.

Home remodeling contractors do this for a living and have done more bathroom remodels than you would even care to hear about. They know how far a dollar can go and which of your bathroom remodel ideas are affordable or even possible.

They can help you draw up your bathroom remodeling plans and help you get to work. If you are planning a bathroom remodel in the Southern California mountains, we can definitely help you. We have many years of experience remodeling bathrooms and have many ideas that we would love to share with you to help with your bathroom remodel.

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