Closet Remodeling

Closet Remodeling: Time To Get Organized

Closet remodeling is an important part of getting organized. While it might not be as labor or time intensive as a bathroom or kitchen remodel, it may be just as necessary for your quality of life.

What are the steps for planning your closet project? Here they are in a nutshell:

Look around and get ideas. Unlike bathrooms and kitchens, there aren’t as many magazines devoted to closets. The best place to look for ideas is probably the manufacturers of closet organizing systems.

Look around at their web sites and get ideas. Whether or not you decide to use their system, you will get valuable ideas from their advertising materials.

You can also talk with a closet organizing contractor. They have a lot of experience with this type of thing and can give you a lot of good ideas. A good contractor will freely share ideas of what the possibilities are.

Once you have your head full of good ideas, sit down with paper and pencil to draw out your dream closet. What some of my customers like to do is get some graph paper and draw out the dimensions of the closet, the space they have to work with.

Then they draw the dimensions of the various elements they would like to use in their closet remodel on a separate piece of paper. Once the elements are cut out, they can move them freely about the “closet” dimensions, testing for size and convenience without having to draw and erase the elements each time.

Like we mentioned earlier, there are many companies that sell organizing systems for closets. If you decide to go that route, research the various companies and see who has the best system for your needs.

You can also have a closet custom designed and built for you. This is perfect if you have the funds and special storage needs that the ready-made companies can’t help you with.

The last step of your closet remodel project is to install the storage elements in your closet. Many companies have how-to information with the system when you buy it. Some even have how-to videos on their web sites. That might be something to look into when you are deciding which company to work with.

We can also help you with your closet remodel. We can suggest materials or companies to use. We can help with installation and we even do custom closets for the discerning homeowner. Give us a call if you live near Big Bear City. We would love to help.