DIY Projects

DIY Home Improvement You Can Do In a Weekend

Want a DIY home improvement that you can do by yourself over a weekend? Here are just a few of our favorite easy home improvement projects:

Decorating – What about changing the curtains, painting, adding wainscoting? Do your bookshelves need a makeover? Just changing your knick-knacks around may create the look that you want. These can be some of the best home improvements.

Electrical and Lighting – Update your lighting fixtures, add a dimmer switch or light the bookcase.

Exterior Home Improvement – Landscaping, plant flowers or bushes or landscape the driveway. Add lighting around the garden or on a patio, cover block walls with decorative stone siding or add a BBQ area.

Going Green – Green do it yourself improvements can include replacing existing fixtures, coverings, windows and doors to save energy. You can check out home improvement magazines to see what the latest green technology is.

Heating and Ventilating – Change your filters (I know, it isn’t glamourous and no one will know you did it unless you tell them, but it needs doing.) Household and Cleaning – Sometimes a good cleaning is all that is needed and your house will look fabulous again.

Painting – Painting is a very common DIY home improvement. You can repaint a room, ceiling, add a faux finish, paint stripes, add texture and highlight certain areas.

Plumbing – Do your fixtures need updating? Is anything leaking? Does your old “water saving” toilet still flush properly? New generations of toilets seem to have a lot more flush power even though they use the same amount of water per flush.

Woodworking – Are you a weekend carpenter? You can refinish or resurface old cabinets rather easily if they function properly and you still have all the parts.

There are many DIY home improvement web sites with tons of ideas. If you are looking for something to keep you busy, you should check them out.

However, if you are serious about remodeling your home, contact us and we can get started right way to turn your existing house into your dream home.