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Private Real Estate Investors Need a Good, Reliable, Contractor On Their Team

Private real estate investors need at least one good, reliable, contractor on their team. Even the most pristine properties need care and maintenance, and many of today’s best opportunities are properties that have considerable “deferred maintenance” issues.

In the past, many investors, even commercial real estate investors, began by being very much involved in carrying out the work needed to keep rents and values strong.

In fact that’s how the principals at Licensed Home Improvement started out over 30 years ago. Today this is just not practical. Add to this the increasing certifications and liabilities involved in improving older properties and you may be opening yourself unnecessarily to litigation.

Licensed Home Improvement has the know-how and efficient practices that come from experience. We still remember the special circumstances of residential investment property ownership.

From simple tenant change-over to major renovation, we have the experience, credentials, and certifications to minimize down-time while protecting private real estate investors from potential litigation arising from inappropriate construction practices.

You and perhaps your real estate investor club know the business of real estate investment. We know the business of property improvement. Let us do our job so you can do yours!

Licensed and experienced in all trades.Insured for your peace of mind and protection.EPA Certified for Lead Based Paint Repair, Renovation, and Paint projects.

Protect your portfolio, you’ve earned it!

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