Renovation Tips

Home Renovation Tips

So, you are going to remodel your home…. Here are some home renovation tips:

When looking at the cost of home renovations, figure your return on investment. You get the best return on your remodeling dollar by spending your money “where the water is.” Kitchen and bathroom renovations are where you will see your best return on investment.

Keep an expandable file to hold your home renovation contracts. Have each section marked with the trade or job being done: “plumbing”, “electrical”, “flooring”, etc.

Before you get started, know where the money is coming from. You can pay home renovation costs with money you have saved up for the project (my recommendation), but you can also finance with a lender. In some areas, you can even find a home renovation grant to help finance certain aspects of your remodel. There are many qualifications you will have to meet, but looking to see if you qualify for home renovation grants can be well worth your time.


Here is one of my favorite home renovation tips. Remember to ask your painter to save some paint for you in a can. You can use this for touchups down the road.

Here is something that a lot of people don’t think about when home renovation ideas are mentioned: code requires a certain number of outlets per room. Contractors will put them in just to make their quota. It is a good idea to tell your contractor exactly where you want to put your outlets, especially if you are planning for furniture to cover them up.

It may seem like a small thing, but Licensed Home Improvement always asks our clients about details like that. Call us today to see if we can help you in your home remodeling project.

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